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I have continued blogging at so, if you are looking at what is interesting me these days, please join me there. I have been blogging there since 2003 and going non-stop since then. This was just a short jaunt of hot-diggity news, which I now post in full directly to my blog at instead. I look forward to seeing you there.

The Doggs at Digg removed the “Blog This!” link on Dugg stories. That was all this blog ever was, a collection of my Dugg stories, so I kiss this, my only blog, goodbye. I will continue to work on a hosted site called which is currently a work in process for the Antler Picasso of Earth-Friendly, Enviromentally Sustainable, Renewable Resource, Green Furniture made of annual antler sheds of deer, elk, moose, and their ilk. Be sure to check out that site after its official launch in August 2009!

There are fat, old and ugly laowai (foreigners) with beautiful Chinese women at their sides and the Chinese society doesn’t like the laowai just for such kind of reasons. Because of some laowais misbehaving, all laowai are judged in a negative way by the Chinese due to extrapolation. So stop misbehaving you bad laowai!

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The life of your CHinese gold farmer: LI Hua makes a living playing computer games. Working from a cramped office in the heart of Changsha, China, he slays dragons and loots virtual gold in 10-hour shifts. Next to him, rows of other young workers do the same. “It is just like working in a factory, the only difference is that this is the virtual world,” says Li. WOW!

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During the violent riot by 150 workers, one of the cops protecting us came up to me. ‘We’re hungry, we are thinking about going for lunch,’ he said. My boss was speechless. When we opened the door, there was a huge mess of cigarette butts and sunflower seeds, but there was no one there. All the rioters had gone for lunch too. Welcome to China!

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Married businessman, hit by economic downturn, decides to keep only one mistress
Man stages private talent contest without telling mistresses his intention
First woman to be knocked out drove car over cliff with lover, other mistresses, inside
Amusing ending. 🙂

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The number of abortions performed on teenage girls who have had at least one before has risen by almost 70 per cent since 1991, fuelling fears that terminations are being carried out for lifestyle reasons.

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