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Putting my dugg stories at 疯狂漫谈::东正教教会学习 ( was a big mistake I think. It quickly buried (Digg pun not intended) the stories about my personal life, which is why people go there in the first place, I believe. So I am moving my dugg stories back to This Too Was Dugg By…, here at


So I have decided to combine my two blogs and all of my stories that I have dugg will go to my usual blog at instead of here. I will keep this blog open as long as allows so as to have an archive of dugg stories. See you at the new blog!

I am thinking of blog consolidating and adding the articles that I digg at to my main blog at — a blog that I have had since early 2003. I gthought it might be best to just keep one blog instead of many on various subjects. I can always use tags to separate things. Thoughts?

It is a blog made up almost solely of Orthodox and Linux related items that I have Dugg™ at™. Outside of Great Lent and Holy Week and I think perhaps a few days of my Nativity Family Vacation, I have posted at least one Digg™ per day on this site since the first day I began this blog. How have I managed that? I have blogged in advance. This means I would find a story that I Dugg™, and would set it to hit the blog’s front page at a future date. (This is why the time posted almost always matches they date posted too. I like synchrosity.)

These days I Digg™ far less than I used too and have stopped pre-posting and post in real-time with new Diggs™, so y’all might be interested in another blog I have recently returned to and now update rather regularly. It is called “Insane Thoughts … and Orthodox Ecclesiology” which I started in 2003 and must confess that in focuses more on the words before the ellipsis (…) and to be truthful they tend to be sane thoughts, so perhaps the name is misleading. The blog can be found at, the same place it has been since it started.

So if you do not see any updates here, or you want to learn more about me visit Insane Thoughts … and Orthodox Ecclesiology today, or some day in the future when you are reading this. Of course I posted this well in advance of the date that this will actually appear too! LOL!

People who dislike having to go to the church, read this … Going to the church is actually good for your health. It’s not me who’s saying this, just to bring you back to the church, but a recent study has confirmed this.

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After spending thousands for college, and being convinced that evolution was correct, someone gave him a 50¢ cassette tape with a Christian sermon about creation on it. Hear the humorous and telling story of a former evolutionist atheist and how he came to believe in Jesus Christ.

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Russian Education Minister Nikolay Karpushin says schools will soon start using freely distributed software like the Linux OS, Russky Office and OpenOffice desktop apps because of the outrageous cost of Microsoft Vista and other commercial software. Russia has begun enforcing piracy laws in order to qualify to join the WTO.

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