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A singing workforce, Mongolian millionaires in Porsches, and saving the planet — inside the empire of a Chinese tycoon with more than money on his mind. Mr. Zhang is the perfect model capitalist who is rich, but requires his company, his employees, and his product to all be moral, green, and safe.

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In China, Chairman Zhang has made his fortune on environmentally-friendly air conditioning, feeding his employees and paying them a more than fair wage, while running the business morally straight without bribing government or undercutting competitors. How is he able to do this and still build a environmentally-friendly luxury town for his workers?

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Planned Parenthood currently has a feature on its Web site honoring black politicians who support the organization. It’s headlined, “Celebrating Black History Month: Choice Champions.” To those who know Planned Parenthood’s well documented racist history, the organization’s flattery of blacks who abort is nothing but a sick joke.

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On the recording provided by The Advocate, an actor portraying a donor said he wanted his money used to eliminate black unborn children because “the less black kids out there the better.” The Advocate claim that Planned Parenthood’s well-documented racist motivations of the past is not only its past but its continuing motivation of racial eugenics.

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Psychiatrists say women should not have abortions until they are told of the risks to their mental health, overturning the decades old consensus that the risk to mental health of continuing with an unwanted pregnancy outweighs the risks of living with the possible regrets of having an abortion.

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