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PS3: Is History Repeating Itself? Is Sony poised to repeat its success with the PS2?

Posted on: Wednesday 15 November 2006

The winning formula? Convincing parallels between the PS2 and PS3. No console maker has ever dominated three consecutive platform generations. Atari squandered its head start in the 80s, Nintendo lost its near monopolistic stranglehold in the 90s, and now it’s Sony’s turn to pass the baton. Or is it? The PS3 may have seen its share of negative press lately, but Sony seems to be lining up a perfect repeat success of the PS2. The outlook for PS3 is actually not all that different as it was for the PS2 when it was first introduced in 2000. Don’t believe us? Check out these examples of history repeating itself including, “Making a big deal out of Linux for PlayStation (2 then and 3 now), enabling the system to essentially perform as a fully functional computer and allow for homebrew development.”

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